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Save & manage crypto and collectibles on the go. Securely store all of your crypto and NFTs in one place with just a phone number.

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Features at a glance

Visual representation of the NFT Membership based communities feature

NFT Membership based communities

Visual representation of the Organize and find events feature

Organize and find events

Visual representation of the Store and manage gaming collectibles feature

Store and manage gaming collectibles

Visual representation of the Create and manage your own DAO feature

Create and manage your own DAO

Your wallet, your keys, your crypto.

Industry-leading security so your crypto never leaves your device.


Own & Collect NFTs

We’ve made it easy for you to safely transfer, store, and view all of your NFTs right from your wallet.


Deposit and Cash Out

Buy crypto with your bank account or debit card, and safely cash out.


Trade & Invest in DeFi

Access all of DeFi in your Wallet, including liquidity pools, interest rate protocols, and token swaps on decentralized exchanges.


Store Items

Store and manage in-game collectibles with your Wallet whille keeping all of your items in one place.


Customize you Neftify wallet with portals

Customize and expand your wallet with portals. These are screens you can add to your wallet to expand its functionality.

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